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CareMore, a subsidiary of Anthem Inc., is an integrated health plan and care delivery system for Medicare and Medicaid patients. The company was founded in 1993 by Sheldon Zinberg as a small Southern California regional medical group. Today, CareMore serves 100,000 patients across 8 states with annual revenues of $1.2B. CareMore's President and CEO is Sachin H. Jain.

Nancy angrily shared her experience, "If I could give negative stars I would. CareMore is the absolute worst insurance company. My dad was diagnosed with cancer in May of 2019 and HAS STILL NOT STARTED TREATMENT due to continued approval delays. Thanks a lot, CareMore for not giving a single hoot about my father and his well-being. FYI his name on that piece of paper that comes across your desk, there is a human being behind that name with a family who loves him. The more delays you cause, the less likely chance he has of beating this. If the cancer has spread and the stage has increased, it will by 100% on you, CareMore."


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Current Employee - Clinical Provider says

"No training. The Academy is a joke. No advancement. Management doesn't listen to staff. Everyone knows the good providers leave. Massive turnover. Last CEO was a real dictator; judging from the harshness of her new entourage, I have found the new CEO just as bad. They force us to treat 20-30 patients a day while screaming We Love Our Patients! They love money. They control everyone like servants. HQ has all the power, period."

Current Employee - Service Provider says

"Sooo political! Meaning management is not trusted due to their constant disruptive behavior."

Former Employee - Coding Analyst says

"The Training and management were horrible."

Former Employee - Nurse Practitioner says

"I was expected to make appointments on the phone when I wasn’t seeing patients. I wasn’t trained in this. Was not being utilized at the top of my license, acted more Locke doctors pet. Not my idea of a autonomous NP role."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Local Leadership creates a very toxic environment and the higher leadership seems to not be concerned. Network providers express dissatisfaction with leadership and again, it does not seem to matter. The CareMore model is about taking care of our members and improving their health, but this was not the focus and our network suffers from that. Instead it was about taking more away from our network providers (pcp and specialist) and not managing our population to meet metrics. It is unfortunate that a company would rather lose great employees instead of listening and taking care of the problem. Sadly, all will be affected in the end, which will likely be too late. Fake images will not last forever, eventually the truth will be told. Higher executive leadership is made aware of the issues with evidence and still choose to make no changes."

Former Employee - Provider Relations says

"Made employees go back into the building after a bomb scare without having officials clear the building"

Current Employee - Withheld says

"Inexperienced, arrogant leadership. Focus on numbers to the detriment of patient care without even understanding those numbers. No respect for longer term employees (the ones who haven't quit or been fired yet) who have institutional knowledge and are trying to protect the model and the culture. WAY TOO MUCH NEPOTISM. Waste money on employee events that no one cares about in order to do favors for industry friends. No equity in pay within departments, and often employee raises and reviews are lowered to fit into some sort of algorithm."


"Upper Management takes advantage of hardworking Reps. Management continues to over work them but refuses to promote. They would rather hire someone with Zero Experience then promote with in."

UM NURSE (Former Employee) says

"A lot of politics and high school drama. Mean girls definitely walk the halls here. a lot of mandatory over time on weekends! HR and management is a joke."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"management does not care about you as a person, all they care about is hitting their goals because they get bonus checks. You cant go to the restroom for longer than 4 min because you have your manager asking to come see you after, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE"

Office Manager (Former Employee) says

"I wondered how this place could stay in business and was not surprised the Maricopa county offices closed shortly after I left. I was fired but not given a reason. The upper management ignores the poor Medical Assistants for months at a time, left them without a manager for two years and put all the managerial duties on one Medical Assistant but did not promote her or give her a raise. It was truly one of the worst run facilities I have ever seen."

Sr. Payroll Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Just a lot of problems with an employee. I really didn't like the company, but excelled at the job. I have learned that I do have patience for nonsense and can thrive in a high level payroll department."

Member Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"workers are given there own cubicles, and phone. This is a call center atmosphere. You are only given 5 minutes to use the restroom in which you are timed for, and 30 min lunch breaks.noneshort breaks"

Member Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Call ctr job-very stressful-Seniors yell and swear at you. 30 min lunches, 5 min bathroom breaks, few of incompetent mentors train you and they take so long to hire you as permanent. Co workers can be nice but that is it. You have short lunches, you cannot be late for even one second.Nice co workersNot enough training and very very stressful job"

CSR Transportation department (Former Employee) says

"First of all I am giving this a (1) star for all. The training for Transportation is a joke; You only get one-week of training, and 2 of the most important programs both are NOT available during training period and they expect you to do and perform your job on the floor after you got out in that one week kinda sloppy training. There's much politics and favoritism in that department. The management are all sloppy and they only treat you as a number. too many employees either quit and moved on. DON'T ever apply and work ever at Caremore-Anthem; THIS IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME!!! I DO NOT recommend anyone in this worst-company!!!only free and the management sucks!!"

Community Outreach Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked at the Des Moines location on Euclid. The manager does not know what she is doing and fires people at the drop of a hat! I had to train myself and then train my so called "supervisor" who then took all the credit and had the nerve to fire me for not knowing what I was doing! Unbelievable. They then told me I would be paid for the whole week and guess what? NOT!! They are defanatly not for helping the employee!! This place is a joke!!BenefitsEverything!"

Claims Examiner (Former Employee) says

"i loved my job i loved my tasks i worked with this company for five years, the only complaint was the managers not being there for employees i had two clerks under me and i felt like i had to be there manager which wasnt a problem just if thats the case pay me with a manager hours and unlimited overtime was amazingmanagers"

Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you are an experienced RN with a BSN, CCM--RUN AND STAY AWAY FROM THIS JOB. You are not valued for your experience or credentials. LPN's have the same role as a RN. The management team is ruthless, unexperienced and lack credentials. They are threatened by anyone who demonstrates leadership potential. One is in her position simply because she started with the company years ago as a CM assistant and friends with Senior Mgmt.. She is leading CM IT activities and is not a nurse and doesn't have a degree. She probably had something to do with the previous Director of CM with a MSN being fired. If you value your RN, CM skills, Don't waste your time here.Decent Salary, but you earn every pennyManagement. LPN, s valued same or above RN, s. Lots of bureaucracy."

Nurse Practitioner (Former Employee) says

"Poor management. Very scattered model. They are fickle and not a strong management base. There is very little training provided and no support. Morale is low."

Medical Assistant (Current Employee) says

"Very high paced, busy clinic. Everyone is cross trained to work font office and back office. Day starts at 7:30 and ends 5:00-5:30. You have to know how to multi task.Cross trainingVery stressful"

RN Care Manager (Former Employee) says

"The parent company had rogue employees promoted by their longevity and not from training or education that caused them to get rid of anyone who threatened their positions. Very cut throat environment.Great pay, experiencePoor work to life balance, no support from management, poorly run"

Systems Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Terrible experience working for this company • No collaboration between people and teams (e.g. emails to co-workers are ignored) • Very poor management (projects/tasks are never completed) • Infighting between different consulting companies for work and projects • Very immature IT processes and procedures • Anthem is slashing positions as it gets ready to merge with CignaFlexible hoursPoor management"

Customer Service Rep. (Former Employee) says

"Managment wasn't very effecient, problems with delegating job duties equally and in fairness, management tended to take personal issues and attitude towards co-workersn/afavortism"

Claims Representative II (Former Employee) says

"If you are one who goes to work to be a part of the click then this may be the job/dept for you. If you become part of the dept click then training and assistance will be provided however if you are not part of the dept click then you are told there are no resources available for training and policies/procedures are given verbally and change with each day of the week creating errors in production and statistical percentagescompensationManagement, Dept clicks"

Touch Nurse Practitioners (Former Employee) says

"Management especially the team leaders for touch were the worst I have ever work for. These team leaders dump everything on the NP. They want to be nurses instead of medical providers because they were never nurses. Corporate was a night mare. They have frequently have turn over. Corporate trying to follow the Optum model. Please do not work for them. They are click like middle school environment."

Office Manager I (Former Employee) says

"was a great opportunity my to learn new skills, however their lack of management and their lack of helping their is really poor, Competitive salary.Competitive PayToo. much work, no sense of deligation"

Director of Marketing (Interim) says

"If management didn't like you, you didn't have a chance to advance. It was in your favor to have a degree from Harvard or an Ivy League school. The culture of CareMore was competitive."

Customer Care Representative II (Former Employee) says

"It's ok for temp position. Not much that I can speak about since I was not there for long. Lunches varied by day and call volume" is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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